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Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switch

Conveyor belt systems must be able to be switched off along the conveyor path during emergencies. Therefore Pull Rope Switches are prescribed by standards as a supplementary protection measure.




Kiepe pull rope emergency stop switches are emergency stop devices with latch function.

They are operated by pulling or tearing the pull rope. Reset is carried out manually at the device.

For safe pull rope installation, "Components for Pull Rope System" are required whose functions are tailored to Kiepe pull rope emergency stop switches and the respective applications.

The safety data of the electromechanic switches have been specified according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1. You can find the information about safety data B10d and performance level (PL) at the product pages or in the brochures. 


Devices, which are approved for use in hazardous areas with explosive atmosphere, can be found in the folder "EX Pull Rope Switches", except for underground mining applications.
 Quick Clamp     With the new Quick-Clamp System from Kiepe Elektrik, it only takes one single person to reliably install the double-sided pull-rope system.

In just a few installation steps, the pull rope can be connected, tensioned and adjusted over its entire length. Only in the last step the pull rope is connected to the pull-rope switch with a new KIEPE Clamp Assembly. The assembly has been significantly simplified with improved safety performance compared to conventional methods.

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