Pull Rope Emergency Stop Switch Type PAS

enclosure: PBT-Plastic - Pull Rope Lenght: up to 1x75m - one side installation - adjustment aid for operating point

Contact configuration:    1 changeover contact / 1 NC (positive-break - self cleaning)


PAS 101 (similar to PAS 001, mechanical parts from stainless steel)


B10d values:

DC-13: 24V/2A            200,000 operations (100% load)

AC-15: 230V/1.5A       840,000 operations (100% load)


Pull cord installation length in the temperature range between -25°C and +70°C*:

30 m at dT = 40°C

50 m at dT = 25°C

75 m at dT = 17°C

*Low-maintenance and low-fault operation with this type of switch depends on the installation length of the rip cord, use of an external spring and the expected temperature deviations dT from the installation temperature in the area of use.


Download: 2020_511_08_PAS_EN.pdf (Size: 199.0 KB)